With entities like Emirates Post, EMX, FINTX, and EDC under our umbrella, 7X is diversifying and expanding its reach. We are continually adapting to the fast-paced technological changes, to lead the trade, transport, and logistics sectors.

Emirates Post is the UAE's official postal services provider. With its reliable and efficient mailing and shipping solutions, Emirates Post continues to help bridge distances, connect people, and empower businesses. Its extensive network of over 85 Customer Happiness Centres complimented by its more than 800 customer touchpoints across the UAE, reflects its unwavering dedication to providing exceptional service to all its customers.

EMX, the Courier, Express, and Parcels (CEP) arm of 7X, delivers bespoke logistics services and last mile delivery solutions to meet the needs of government, banking, e- commerce, and corporate entities. EMX offers reliable domestic door-to-door delivery services in the UAE while fostering global business connections through its international network. Focused on tailored, efficient, and convenient solutions that empower businesses and bridge distances, EMX ensures a world within reach.

FINTX is the official fintech arm of 7X, focused on establishing an enhanced and effective fintech eco-system through transforming its existing financial services companies “Wall Street Exchange” and “Instant Cash”, launching new ventures with compelling product offerings, and building strategic partnerships, with established companies and start-ups.

EDC provides comprehensive digital solutions to support organizations achieve their digital transformation goals. As a leader in AI, Automation, Communications, and Digital Trust, EDC is a trusted digital partner for businesses across various sectors in the region.


Postage stamps are narrators of events, a celebration of a nation’s heritage, and serve as ambassadors traveling across the world as tools of cultural communications. As the official issuer of postage stamps in the UAE, 7X is also bridging the gap between traditional stamps and the digital world.

Explore exclusive issuances available at Emirates Post’s webshop.



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